… your ever-so humble Bloglodyte and dance fanatic. Well …. maybe not fanatic but, I am a fan-at-it.

A member of the Portland Swing Dance Club since its inception. Been dancing … dang, may be 20 year by now. Dabbled in a little local competition years ago and claimed a few minor trophy’s lo those many years ago. DJ’d a few times back in the day.
My dancing abilities are a compilation of a great many superior dance instructors, too numerous to list here so I list them not, not wanting to omitting some.. That does not intimate that I view myself as a superior dancer.

A professional instructor; and NOT because I view myself as one, only in that I’ve been paid to do so, therefore I use the term technically and loosely. Still love to teach and still do, whenever asked to do so. I’ve just never pursued the field to any great extent. Would love to but the field is quite replete with many world class instructors in the Portland area that are in great demand.

My passion for dance is equaled only to my love of country. Weigh that. Ordinarily reserved yet on occasion my reserve runs out. More often than not I talk so little, people think me an introvert and listen so much people believe I don’t like to talk while all the while I’m just absorbing what I’m hearing.

My biggest disappointment in the dancing community is and are clique’s. People get in their “groove”, then this groove becomes a ditch and soon the ditch becomes a trench. Before they know it they become entrenched to the extent that they never venture out of their “trench” and most other people feel uncomfortable venturing into it. Clique’s are dividers, walls, barriers. The purpose they serve are descriptive within the terms themselves. Cliques are indicative of exclusiveness. You can check in but you can never stay.  vis-a-vis: You can check out but you can ………

My greatest enjoyments are of course the dance and the friendships, the connection and the relationships; which can be both thrilling and heartbreaking,  acquaintances and camaraderie.  No matter how long you’ve been at it, it is still fresh. No matter how much it feels old or the same or repetitious it never feels old or the same or repetitious. At least for me. I think because of the Phoenix.

My one-line philosophical view of partner dancing is that it is a “Continuous Refinement of a Corrected Mistake”. Meaning, whenever the lead/follow within the dance crashes and burns there’s a Phoenix in there somewhere that can arise from the ashes. The quandary is remembering how the “burn” occurred in order to resurrect it and call it intent. On occasion this “burn” & “rise” happen almost simultaneously out of necessity and as we know, necessity is the mother of invention.

And that’s a little about your ever-so humble dance fan-at-it and a smattering on dancing; a little more than you probably wanted. No?

What Rolling Eight is about is of course dance. NOT exclusive nor all inclusive and only extensive in the minor. There are numerous other dance venues in and around the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area. Seek ’em out.

If you’ve gotten this deep into this blog you deserve something.  Roll With It

Your Bloglodyte,  Mykl

Please leave a departing word below if you’ve a mind too.


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