5th Annual Winter Blues Music Festival, March 5, 2016 (band lineup to follow)

Winter Blues Music Festival 2015Look for it, 2016, March 5th. http://winterbluesfest.net/

2015> This is an invite to the 4th annual Winter Blues Music Festival. Coordinator, Leeann Gibbons. 

If you like the Waterfront Blues Festival then the Winter Blues Music Festival is right down your ally. You lovers of dance. Only this one is indoors on a REAL dance floor. I was fortunate enough to attend it year one. Unfortunate enough to miss the next 2 years. The first one was held out on Foster Rd. where New Copper Penny is (or soon to be “was”) in the Pantheon on the same block.Then to the Bob White Theater. This event has grown each year and subsequently has had to move to a new location. A location which many of the readers of this blog know quite well. The Milwaukie Elk’s Lodge on Mcloughlin Blvd. Event information you will find on their website (click on poster)

Some information you will undoubtingly be wondering if you show an interest in attending this annual event. The dance floor’s and table arrangements will remain as you knew them when Footloose was there. That’s both floors, the main ballroom and the smaller floor by the lounge stage. Bands will be utilizing both stages. There are 7 bands scheduled.

This is not only going to be a wonderful blues music event it is also a benefit for the Oregon Food Bank and United by Music, North America. See flier and website.  Don’t forget to bring the canned food donations. There will also be a silent auction.

Tickets: There are a few ticket options. From general admission tickets ($20, early bird price) to tickets that include, food, drinks and T-shirts. Break down is on the website in the “Admissions/Ticket” link. March 1st the early bird price ends and each ticket option will increase $5. HOWEVER…

Leeann has told me that for a group of 20 or more we can get the general admission early bird tickets for only $15.00 each instead of $20. Nice. Thank you Leeann! The doors at 2:30pm, starts at 3 (no, there is no lesson 🙂 ) and goes until 11ish pm. So, if you have another event you need to attent that evening you can (you eclectic bluesers) because this event goes for 8 hours. You want to get your blues music and dance fix in, while supporting a couple of very worthy causes?

There are 650 tickets to be sold of which, at this time, about half are already sold.

It would be so great to see a bunch of you (perchance 20 or more, :-)) Blues, Westies etc. getting your dance on in support of this amazing event. And you Westies, who of you don’t like to dance to a good Blues tune?

If I have forgotten something to add here, and I remember what it was or is pointed out to me I will edit it in. But, for now I think that’s it. Peruse the Festivals website for further details about this great event.

So, what do you think? I know this will be something new for many of you, but lets give it a go. Can we get a group of 20 or more? Need to do it BEFORE March 1st. Probably ought not procrastinate. Get back to me and I will compile a list to pass on to the event coordinator Leeann Gibbons.

I am here rolling8@live.com


WBMF www.winterbluesfest.net


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